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Sultan Foundation Healthcare Center Multan 2

After receiving a highly successful response from both the health projects of Multan and Vehari, and growing popularity of The Sultan Foundation in this sector, it was decided to further expand our activities in the health sector. Having worked in the sector for over a decade now, The Sultan Foundation has built resources and a good team to provide quality health services to the people of the community. The highly populated locality of Shah Rukn-e-Alam town was selected to set up a second Health Care Center of Multan. With the availability of both Male and Female doctors, this health care center provides free treatment and medicine to all its patients along with facilities like Ultrasound and numerous other lab tests. To adapt to the latest developments in the health industry, The Sultan Foundation has developed a paper-less system which has greatly increased productivity of its staff and is proving a source of ease for the patients, both in terms of time as well as comfort of operations.