• Sultan Pur, Southern Bypass, Budhla Link Road, Multan
  • +92320-0884480-81-82
  • info@thesultanfoundation.org.pk

Founder’s Message

We live in a society that demands efficiency, responsibility and reliability to guarantee success. The Sultan Foundation was established in 1983 with an aim to play its part in the betterment of the society by all possible means. We strive to provide quality services to public at subsidized rates and Free of Cost in crucial sectors of life like education, health, clean drinking water, food support program and other ongoing  welfare services. Our foundation is highly regarded for its innovative approach to help the underprivileged in various sectors. Our team of qualified and learned professionals has been working very hard day and night for nearly four decades in an attempt to guarantee necessary services to people who cannot afford these themselves. The Sultan Foundation’s success would not have been possible without the continued support that we have received from the public as well as the efforts of our motivated team.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and compassion throughout this time which has kept this foundation going on and helped reach it to the point where it is today.

Mr. Ch. Abdul Sattar